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Hobby King Swarm Sale Thread!
« on: January 19, 2011, 02:21:58 AM »
This thread is for your Hobby King Swarm Sales.  If you aren't familiar with a swarm sale, go to the bottom of any item on the Hobby King website, where you'll find the "Swarm" button.  This offers you any of their items at a discount if 6 people sign up for the swarm you create.  Some items only offer a small discount, while others offer over half off. 

Here's how it works.  Start a swarm sale for as many items that you want, post the links here, and your WKRC friends can go sign up for your swarms to get you the discounts.  And friends, don't worry, signing up for the swarm does nothing more than send you an email informing you that 6 people have joined the sale and it is now "on".  If you don't want the item as well, all you have to do is delete the email.  For those that do want the sale item, you have 24 hours to follow the link to the item in the email, put in the swarm number at the bottom.  It will ask for you email again, as you did to sign up for the swarm, at which point it should give you a "add to cart" link.  At that point the item should be added to your cart.  ***Note: Some people have had some issues getting the item in their cart at the swarm price, before making the purchase be sure it did in fact go in at the swarm price***

This is pretty much a "pay it forward" idea, help others when they want to place an order, and others will be there for you when you want to place an order of your own.  The more we help each other out on this, the more successful it will be, and the more money each of us can save!

As a last resort, if you are needing more people than WKRC can provide for your swarm, you can post them here at RCG to hopefully fill out your 6 people.
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